Choosing whether to hire a caterer or to go to a venue with onsite catering is a big decision.  With a caterer we can host the event in a wider varierty of venues however, it often makes even the most experienced amateur event planner a little nervous . It throw up a flurry of questions such as what kind of food do I want, what facilities does the venue I choose need, what level of service do i want?

Here at Moments by LV we will tell you the 5 key areas you need to focus on when choosing a caterer for your event so that it runs smoothly.


SG_-228Hiring a caterer gives us the flexibiity of where to host an event however, we must also consider a few points before selecting the venue. Firstly, the space should have an electricity supply. While a party deep in the countryside is fabulous make sure that there is the possiblity to connect to a power source. While caterers can come with their own generators its always best to have a back up. Secondly, there should be a space for the caterers to work in.  Of course, if its a a very informal event where they drop off the food and go then there is no necesity but in general a space for them to work in is required. It doesn’t have to be an industrial kitchen just a space where they can set up their equipment or prepare food. Thirdly, make sure that your chosen caterer covers your area. If they dont then make sure to ask what their fee is to go outside their catchment area.


This is probably one of the hardest things to set but also the most important! You need to set your total budget for the event and then decided what you wish to allocate to catering. Alternatively, if you have no idea on what you want to spend or how far your budget goes then why not ask a few caterers to send you a list of alternative menus from budget to blow the budget. That way you can gauge what you can get for you money.




Do you want a rustic barbecue or paella, local market cuisine or perhaps Michelin style menu? This a first good step in helping you choose your caterer. Once you know your style you can then approach a caterer and if you have a theme talk to them to see if they can adapt their menu to represent the spirit of the event.  They can also offer you a tasting session to help you decide on the menu.  Make sure to keep them informed on any allergies or vegetarian/vegan guests so that they can adapt the menu accordingly.

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Depending on the event you are organizing you need to think about what level of service you require. If its a buffet for 20 wmaybe you just need them to drop the food off and go! However, if you prefer to have a more hands on service then you need to think about whether you want waitressing, cutlery and crockery supply, drinks included etc. While your chosen company may not offer any extras they will most certainly have companies that they work with and they will be able to find a solution for you.


While many companies offer catering you must ensure that they hold a catering licence. You can either ask for a copy or confirmation in writing. This will ensure that everyone is protected legally should anything go wrong.

If you are looking for that perfect location or a suitable caterer but just dont have the time to dedícate to your search or just want a helping hand, do not hesitate to contact us here at Moments by LV at, [email protected] or you can contact us social media.


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