Jesús Peiró turns wedding design on its head in 2017

Jesús Peiró has turned wedding fashion on its head in his collection this season.

In October, Jesús Peiró presented his 2017 collection at Barcelona Bridal Fashion week.  Here is a look at the highlights of the show.  What was most surprising for his runway guests was his ability to combine distinctive outfits that were able to retain both elegance and romanticism.


A wedding is a day where romance is at its heart and flowers are never amiss. We saw embroidery with flower detailing in many of his creations ranging from discreet designs to loud patterns.


Following tradition and romance Peiró kept the veil in many of his outfits however he updated the look by adding subtle colours to them. It was a touch that here at Moments we loved.




This great designer managed to pull off with amazing elegance the ability to incorporate new fabrics and textures such as leather, fur and even a choker.


As the show went on the models started wearing more avant garde outfits however all gave a respectful nod to traditional wedding style. The designer looked to Punk for inspiration and added metal details and mesh fabrics for those brides who want to break the mould.



To finish the show, Peiró offered up dresses for those brides who want to exude sexiness by having dresses with corsets to show off the brides figure.



As you can see, the designer #JesúsPeiró has offered brides a selection of dresses to show off their unique personality and style without moving away from the elegance and romance that a wedding requires.


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