Want to propose to your partner but not sure how?

All those preparing to propose to their special someone know that this moment will forever be etched in their and their partners minds.  Finding that special setting to mark this momentous step in one’s relationship can cause some to panic so we thought we would suggest some ideas for you! What is key is that this moment is special and magical and that will always bring a smile to your face when thinking back to it.

Here are some ideas for you

Mountain Engagement

The great outdoors: Are you an adventurous couple? Do you love nature? If so why not organise a hike and propose at the perfect spot surrounded by nature.  You could choose the peak of a mountain, in the middle of a lake while you are kayaking, or at a beautiful waterfall? Just think in years to come you could return here with your children and tell them all about it!

Autumn Harvest Succulent Table Decorations

The first date: Why not travel back to that first date you had?  You could return to the same bar or restaurant and with the help of restaurant staff plan a proposal your partner will never forget. There is nothing better than reminiscing about those first exciting days when you start dating even the embarrassing moments. Returning to your first date place always stirs up wonderful memories and sets an instant romantic tone!


Treasure hunt: This could be done at your home, favourite spot in the city or why not in a beautiful park? Ask questions about your relationship, special moments shared together, your favourite food, embarrassing moments! It will definetly  end in a beautiful and fun proposal. You could also rope in friends or family to help you to set up the treasure hunt with each of them holding a clue!

Personalized song: We all love to have that special song so why not take it a step further and ask a songwriter to write one for you! You can tell them your love story and they can put it into a song. Not only will it be an amazing record of your story but also one that will always take you back to that moment that you decided to take the next step in your relationship.  Here’s a video to inspire you!


Your own storybook: Taking it a step further from a song why not ask an author or a storybook illustrator to write your story from when you first met to ending with your marriage proposal. This is a wonderful momentum for you to look back at and for your future children to enjoy.

To end our post we will leave you with a fabulous video showing a really fun (if tough to plan) proposal!


If you need any further inspiration or a helping hand to prepare that perfect moment for your partner do not hesistate to contact us at [email protected] or visit our web at www.momentsbylv.com.  

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