Wedding Cake trends 2017

This weekend was the Bcn and Cake exhibition at the Museo Maritim de Barcelona.  Sadly, we didn’t manage to visit this year as we were busy working on some projects we have lined up over the coming weeks.  

In spite of this, just looking at their web and instagram got me all excited about cakes and well it is also a slight obsession of mine as my sister is just finishing her 2 year cake decorating course.  Pictures of her fabulous creations to come soon! 

So i thought I would write about my favourite wedding cake trends of 2017.  If I have missed any out that you love then get in touch and I will make sure to update my post! 

  1. Metallic Cakes

For all those that love a bit of sparkle and glamour this it the perfect trend for you! Think gold, silvers, coppers and rose.  My favourite is when its mixed up with big statement flowers.  

  1. Hand painted cakes

These cakes are right on trend at the moment. What we love about them is that they are truly unique and difficult to recreate so you know that you are getting something really special.  You can have styles from rocco to landscape scenes. Have a look at our board to see all the great cakes that are out there for inspiration.

  1. Ruffled cakes

Really elegant and super feminine these are the more traditional of cakes this season.  I am again a big fan of using delicate flowers to finish off the cake. The colours vary from pastels to some great deep purples for those more adventurous couples.

  1. Geode Cakes

These are Veronicas personal favourite. I think it’s because they are so different from anything she has seen before and she just loves them. Its definelty a cake that will get your guests talking as we are sure they will have not seen one before. If you arent sure about the cake why no just have some geode cake pops?

  1. Dessert Tables

These have been around for a while now but are gaining more and more popularity. They look just gorgeous at any venue and can range from luxurious to more down to earth sweet factories. Just a fabulous way to keep energy levels up for all your guests while they are dancing away!

  1. Naked Cakes

Great for a more rustic wedding these cakes are for those that want to step away from the more traditional wedding cake. I love the fruit covered cakes and the wild flowers that many use to decorate these cakes.

One trend that we haven’t included which is huge right now is the drip cake. Both Veronica and I just haven´t seen one that convinces us of this trend. Maybe you can send us some inspirational pics of a drip cake which will make us embrace this new trend!

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